The Perfect Destination

in Agia Pelagia coast

This blessed place where we live, has been, it is and it will be, a creative inspiration, breath and faithful love for me. The pure raw materials, the nutritional wealth and the freshness of the land & sea products, all these are motivating me to continue faithfully in love, cooking with a precious ingredient.. the great imagination in this charming, gastronomic trip.

Heartily thanks to all my partners with their valuable help we move forward together and do everything we dream of, in this delicious travelogue.

We cook for you only with extra virgin olive oil, we use exclusively fresh meat, fish and seafood of the Cretan Sea, eggs of the day, selected seasonal vegetables, selected cheeses and smoked cold cuts, wines, sea salt, herbs and spices, thyme honey, legumes and fruits of our land. The ice cream is made from fresh milk from Chania and we boost local production by purchasing our products from Cretan certified producers.


For a unique event, in a spectacular setting of outstanding natural beauty. Under the blue Mediterranean sky with the infinite blue sea as an unforgettable backdrop.

In our dishes we use organic extra virgin olive oil, spices & herbs, from E.kabrianis family & natural sea salt.